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    This inih'stgs just the way to kick life into this debate.
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    Conservative Swede:I am not convinced of anything. I will say, as Pam of Atlas Shrugs defends VB, and she is both Jewish and apparently quite intelligent, if VB is antisemitic, they hide it awfully well. I remain officially undecided.This thread wasn't about whether VB were Nazis or not, but whether Tasty Beverages assertion that the only measure of a blog is the site counter, which clearly makes Huffington Post and Daily KoS superior to LGF in every way.
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    This challenge is great timing. Last Monday (9/10) I decided to kick my Pepsi habit. And now here I am one week later, still no Pepsi! I’ve never been able to do this before, but now I am ready. I have had some cravings, but when I do I get a big glass of ICE water instead. And bonus…i weighed myself today…down 2 pounds from last Monday!
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    I don’t even know the way I ended up here, however I believed this publish was great. I do not recognize who you are however definitely you are going to a well-known blogger if you happen to aren’t already Cheers!
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    Maybe because I’m a Disney fan but I think The Grand Floridian is much nicer than The Hotel del Coronado. I just love it! The Grand Floridian Cafe is always on our ADR list for dinner.Deb´s last [type] ..
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    I'm impressed! You've managed the almost impossible.
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    I'm not worthy to be in the same forum. ROTFL
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    I have no idea what went through your mind when you asked that lady if she was expecting. At that point, you just should have saved your breath and made up a story that you need to leave, maybe a good would be you forgot you have a company meeting and you need to attend it, sorry heres my card. Just some creative thinking on my part.
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    HHIS I should have thought of that!
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    You can import or export your bookmarks, comment on them, rate them, leave notes, and e-mail them to others. For a total list of available bookmarking websites Google the subject and see just how many there are to select from.
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    Ron Paul is 100% legit. He is who he has always been. Even if you don’t agree with 100% of his ideas unlike the others running he believe he DOESNT have the power to install them. He can bring up ideas, but it must be done the proper way.Its also amazing at some of the attacks people sling at him because of being a libertarian. I want those people to asnwer this question? What is wrong with defending the very documents and ideas that so unique in history that gave this country more liberty and freedom than has ever existed before.
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    Yo cada dia estoy más enredada jajajajaja y sabes yo te había escrito otro post. No veo las otras pelis que pensaba. Te había puesto Lo que el viento se llevo. Mujercitas. No recuerdo q otras. Seguiré cavilando . Yo quiero el premió. Besos
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    Thanks guys, I just about lost it looking for this.
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    we need you to help start a movement to help take back America your Fairwell Speech was inspiring…Thankyou for being a Patriot and Standing for truth and Liberty…Im an American first and I believe People like your self and Alex Jones are our last hope to get the word out….God Bless you and lets Bring America back stronger!!!
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    Whoa, things just got a whole lot easier.
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    I think you're right about the labels. If it had been private citizens that had pulled out their concealed arms in an attempt to stop the murderer and wounded those people, it would be portrayed as yet another reason to just ban handguns altogether. When cops do it, it's just the cost of stopping a violent criminal.
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    Kewl you should come up with that. Excellent!
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    Brother Field...first of all, thank-you ALL from the State of Pennsyvania for pushing up the winning numbers. This has been a draining election for the country. There are a lot of wounds to be attended to. 2315........HOLD THE PHONE>>>>Mr. Romney is now questioning the OHIO vote. Well get back with you. Oh yea, thank you again for the last two years.
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    i'll tell you, yesterday was not a happy day in my office. we've been trying to get this thing passed for YEARS, we were this close - and for him to roll over so quickly on it really kinda stung. i mean, it's .024% of the whole package, for pete's sake - it just seems to really open up a door for the fundies, for them to be able to just root out the repro part of anything, wave it around hysterically for a little bit, and count on the dems to cave.ugh. i dunno.
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    You make things so clear. Thanks for taking the time!
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    >>lôtre>> Les Ricains ont peut-être Thanksgiving (le 4ème jeudi de novembre) mais ils n’ont pas le Beaujolais Nouveau Super-Marketé-qui-fait-mal-au-crâne-le-lendemain (le 3ème jeudi de novembre).
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    Ich fand den Film ganz schön heftig. Also er hat mich ziemlich aufgerüttelt, weil ich vorher noch nichts von Lobotomie o.ä. gehört hab.
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    I love your page! You guys are making this sketch look so versatile! And the new stamps and dies so necessary (good thing I realized that right away and ordered them all!). Great stuff!
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    Hi Alejandro – it sounds like you are living in paradise. I have a friend who spent some time in the Dominican Republic and the mango trees were actually the first thing she mentioned! I would love to travel there one day.
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    Yay! Thank you, Darren….so kind of you. I’m so pleased you enjoy my poetry. The book is mostly a collection of my unpublished work, but if you enjoy the poems I publish here, then I think you’ll love it
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    lorsqu'on lit les exigences du CIO concernant l'organisation des JO (voir par exemple sur le site du comite antiolympique annecy 2018) on ne peut que demander le retrait immédiat de la candidature d'Annecy avant qu'il ne soit trop tard
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    Christopher - I'll check into that Grizzly. I know I need to get one, but I have not had the time to look into it much. Also, I only recently realized how limited I am in wood options without one.I'll shoot you a email or something when time gets closer for me to buy one.
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    Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear message!
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    A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this article.
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    I don't know who you wrote this for but you helped a brother out.
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    I'm not easily impressed but you've done it with that posting.
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    I wasn’t born yet, but my cousin Christine Hinds was killed by that tornado at the Oak Lawn Roller Rink. I know her family well and she is missed very much everyday. I see her grave every once in a while. Sure wish I could of met her. RIP
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    To whom ever is running these pagesPlease do not make the same mistake the greens and the ndp madeDO NOT NOW HIDE ALL THE COMMENTS !!!!As I see is starting to be doneStand proud of how we got here or watch the cynicism come backThere is nothing to hide hereIf its my comments that are the problem I can prove every last one and we will hurt ourselves by looking cowardly nowPlease consider that it is the comments that are also growing our supportThank you
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    Absolutely first rate and copper-bottomed, gentlemen!
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    Yes, I think you could use one of the little crock pots for this. You might want to get it hot on the stove and then transfer it to the crock pot to simmer. Whatever method you use to simmer the mixture, just be sure not to let the water run dry! You'll want to replenish the water from time to time, especially if it's on the stovetop and really bubbling.
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    Quando vejo tantos acordos para formar uma lista, já sabemos no que dá. Eu vou se aquele for, e aquela entidade impõe estes, enfim. Mais do mesmo. Daqui a um ano, a exemplo de Vitor Magalhães, está o Emilio sozinho com os da tal entidade. E o futebol e as restantes modalidades ficam para segundo
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    This documentation of a pig slaughter is interesting and informative. However I think the author should elaborate on what makes the slaughter ethical “from beginning to end.” From the slaughtered pig’s point of view, it seems to end with the first gun shot. From the other pigs’ point of view, there must be some stress associated with seeing one of their own dead and bleeding on the ground. Just asking.
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    Ca me rappelle une visite d’Hilary Clinton sur l’ile de Gorée au Senegal, l’ensemble de la population dont moi-meme avait été gentiment prié de quitter l’ile durant une demi-journée…
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    If time is money you've made me a wealthier woman.
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    “Could you borrow me a fiver?”:Huh?… And this isn’t an Americanism. This is British English all the way through. I hated it then, and I still hate it now. The “fiver” is a proper colloquialism; fair enough. But who borrows something TO someone else?
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    Thank you Yahusha for making me clean, Thank you for paying the penalty of death for MY sin. Thank you for giving me a new heart. Thank you for teaching me your ways and filling me with your Spirit! Baruch Ata Yahuah!! Hallelu-Yah!!
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    That green bicycle with North Pole mailbox is sooo dreamy. It's the perfect color of green. The tire wreath is ingenious. Thanks for hosting. And, yes it's time to do some baking!
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    Jane – you’re a prude. Like most Americans. Europeans don’t have a problem running around naked infront of their children. It’s considered normal over here…oh well, yeah, in America you’re probably considered as pedophiliac or dangerous.
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    – From memory, Whitlam remained in Parliament until 1978, although he was still opposition leader in 1977 when Fraser won a second election.Calwell, never, PM, also stayed in Parliament for a very long time after he lost the Labor leadership.
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    that he did not know. Do they automatically implant those things in us? Maybe I should try to get a copy of my surgery report to see what was done. Anyone have an advice or suggestions? I do know that the pain is getting worse. Even the pain medicine does not stop it…it only takes the edge off of it.
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    Surprising to think of something like that
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    Then there is a strike. Collective bargaining and the right to strike is governed and protected by the Wagner Act (National Labor Relations Act), as modified by the Taft-Hartley Act. The latter also outlawed the closed shop and protected states with right-to-work laws.Unions can and do operate successfully in right-to-work states, e.g., Nevada and, from my own personal experience, Iowa and Nebraska.
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    Vix, I love how versatile your style is! One day you're dressed for a tea party, the next you look rock chick-y, and both are equally gorgeous!
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    improve ur sikhi by going to events?? hahaha…buddy what about waking up amritvela, doing simran, doing viakhiya of gurbani ? thats the real stuff…the ppl who think doing events is a big sewa, are clowns
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    I started tivoing Community because of that Alison Brie .gif from a few weeks ago. I now need to find everything she has ever done, and STAT.Freshman guy, everyone’s advice is spot on. Just spend your first few weeks rotating around, forcing yourself to meet new people. It was hard for me to do, and I assume it will be hard for you, because you sound like the 17 year old version of me, but it will pay off in the long run.
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    Hey Tim, wow, thanks for the memory taser. Sheesh my mind is going. I was certainly around when the women’s TdF got rolling but was so sure it wasn’t till the ’90s I didn’t even bother to fact-check. Interesting that in the case of the women’s TdF, an American (Marianne Martin) won the . No American has won since.
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    If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say "Kowabunga, dude!"
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    She deserved the response she received. There was no reason for her to call that womans home at four in the morning. That was truly childish. If she really felt the need to call the woman she should have done it at a decent hour of the DAY!!!!
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    Mike,Did you wind up sedating Fluffer? We are going to take our cat to France with us when we move there and are curious to know if you did, and if so, what sedative did you use?Thanks,David
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    “Point out that “congressional majority” still means “60 senators to avoid filibuster” ”Just imagine if the 88th Congress had been as weak-willed and overly accommodating as the 111th. Folks like Angry Clown Lady would still be eating in separate diners, sleeping in separate, substandard hotel rooms while traveling, and attending segregated public schools.Let ‘em filibuster till the cows come home. Democrats are such pussies.
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